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Staying ahead of the market and its trends is vital to any business today. Our software services redefine the limits of possibilities to provide you with the best solutions. We develop software solutions with regard to Mobility, Web Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


At Ajax Media Tech, we provide end-to-end software service & solutions from visualization to code, development to deployment. Also, we identify the need of our clients and provide them with the software needs that matches their business demands.


We have a great team of developers dedicated to provide clients with the best web development services. Our web services are sure to create a great impact on your prospective customers and turn them into patrons. Your requirements of the website shall be aligned with the best designs and structure for your product / service to derive the best output.


Ajax Media Tech is the best website development company in Chennai, India offering a wide range of web development services like website development service, database-driven website development, static and dynamic website development services, e-commerce website development services, etc... Also, our web development services include graphic / logo design, CSS, HTML, XHTML, usability, accessibility, semantics, server management, programming, testing, and deployment.


The world is not running on the roads anymore, it is running on mobile, data and connectivity. To get the maximum reach for the content, the content should be placed in their hands, right where they are. Therefore, mobile apps! We create mobile apps for your product or service and make them more friendly to the digital audience.


Ajax Media Tech develops apps to grow your business in the market. Our service supports mobile platforms, smartphone devices, and tablet devices. Also, we provide compatibility & software upgrades to develop your application. With our extraordinary development team, creative UI and Application Development is not a difficult process so you can focus more on your business and grow faster in the market.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP shall enhance the functioning of the holistic system of your company and separate departments. The modules of our software attend to the bigger problems corresponding to the company as a whole, as well as to the problems of individual departments. The module design of ERP ensures the smoothness of operations and solutions to operational difficulties.


Ajax Media Tech offers the best ERP Service in Chennai, India. Our Expertise in ERP Implementation, Integrations and Customisation will make your business flow smarter. and Our developers utilize popular software platforms to deliver your ERP.