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Snakes And Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is an all time classic board game also Called as Ludo or chutes and ladders, now available with kids educational elements.
Educational Elements Include,
+ Helping Poor
+ Obeying Elders
+ Being Truthful
+ Being Kind
+ Waking up early
- Cheating
- Picking Nose
- Being Lazy
- Stealing
- Telling lies
- Waking up Late

Players spin the wheel and move their playing pieces/ Avatars for the number of steps indicated by the wheel. If they land on the lower-numbered end of the squares with a "ladder", they can move their Avatar up to the higher-numbered square. If they land on the higher-numbered square of a pair with a "snake", they must move their Avatar down to the lower-numbered square. The first player who successfully arrives at the last space in an exact number of steps is the winner.

* Play Snakes & Ladders game against A.I
* Good Sound Effects and Music
* Intuitive and easy to use User Interface
* Facebook & Twitter integration for sharing game information

  • App Size:9.6M

  • Available on: Android

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