Box Drop - Casual Color Game is a free game app for kids where colorful boxes drop down and the user has to tap the correct color button before they hit the ground.

Food Frenzy is a tile based casual survival game. Feed frenzy, Run around, Collect food, Avoid fearful enemies to keep the boy alive and hungry for more.

Stop the car is the best and latest car driving game. Stop the car, car racing games, car driving games, play car games, traffic control, car traffic games whatever you think of is available for you here.

Escape fish is the best and latest fishing game for everyone including kids.

This app helps to improve your kid’s reflex and alertness. 

Sky skiers app is a new game app designed for children who like playing space-war kind of games.

An ancient game of strategy, meets an ancient sport of virility. A tribute to our ancient and traditional bull embracing sport of Tamilnadu, Jallikattu or Sallikattu (Tamil)

Anya Revenge Run is a new and exciting action adventure game. Wield a powerful sword and slash enemies who come in between your path.

VR Anya Escape Run is an exciting endless action running game in Virtual Reality.