Our Independent Business Units
  • VFX & Post Production

    VFX & Post Production
  • Animation

    Animation & CGI
  • Games, VR & AR

    Games, VR & AR
  • Software Services

    IT / Software Services
  • Training Solutions

    Training Solutions
  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing
  • Edutainment


About Us

Ajax Media Tech Private Limited is a fast emerging trans media technology services and computer animation content development company with its headquarters in Chennai, Part of billion dollar industrial group based in southern India called VV Group (http://vvgroupofcompanies.com/).

VFX & Post Production

A Disney certified VFX & Post Production Studio is an ideal dedicated Visual Effects partner for the domestic and Internal Vfx producers.



Ajax Media Tech’s Animation studio is a state-of- the-art cutting edge technology designed and deployed for a tested and proven pipeline handling both 2D and 3D workflows. The Animation studio is scaling at par with its western counterparts in terms of infrastructure and technology. With the correct blend of expertise in traditional & technical skills and managerial abilities, the studio is creating the next-generation animation for Feature Films and Television. Its main area of focus is to create original content and retain Intellectual Property Rights for the entire audio-visual medium relating to animation.

Games, VR & AR

Ajax Media Tech’s Game development studio creates high-end mobile games, VR and AR experience by engaging fun filled innovative visual stories with rich UX design along with motion graphics and audio engineering.


Software Services

Accelerate your business with Mobile app agility.

Revolutionize your presence ONLINE

Grow your business global using our Ecommerce development solutions

Training Solutions

Every industry has unique training needs, we provide innovative solutions to stimulate learning and build competency of your employees and contractors.

We provide solutions to your training content by delivering instructionally sound, visually appealing while addressing diverse training needs in the areas of:

  • Product Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Software Simulation Training
  • Safety Training
  • Process Training
  • Induction and Onboarding training

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a service beyond just Positioning, Clicks and Traffic, we support our clients accelerate more sales-qualified leads.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Content Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • Affilate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Clicks
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email Compaign


Toddle Pad

Toddle Pad is a state-of- the-art Touch based Play and Pre-school product which covers the entire pre and play school curriculum available for Apple iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Android Platforms.

In a playful and fun way, Toddle Pad accelerates children’s learning and retention and at the same time triggers improved thinking and analytical capacity. Toddle Pad is not a replacement for the teaching staff and it enhances classroom learning and standardizes proven method of learning. Toddle Pad brings consistency to the curriculum and aligns to the common core state standards.

K12 Simulator

Ajax Media Tech’s Content development team develop K12 science contents in the form of interactive simulations, which also include activity sheet to immediately share you results and activity over mail and social media networks.

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